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Table 5 Top 10 differentially represented procedures during the 5 years prior to diagnosis of substance abuse (ranked by odds ratio)

From: Predicting opioid dependence from electronic health records with machine learning

Procedure Odds ratio p-value (Bonferroni-corrected)
Other group therapy 19.8 1.23E-69
Interview & Evaluation NEC 11.578 4.06E-42
Psychiatric Mental Determination 10.597 1.24E-29
Exploratory verbal psychotherapy 10.371 2.41E-57
Brief interview & evaluation 6.224 9.00E-201
Limited interview/evaluation 5.804 2.71E-279
Interview & evaluation NOS 5.745 6.16E-102
Comprehensive interview/evaluation 5.065 1.71E-147
Other counselling 4.3 3.93E-36
Other fetal monitoring 0.218 1.14E-30