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Table 3 Top 10 differentially represented diagnoses during the 5 years prior to diagnosis of substance abuse (ranked by odds ratio)

From: Predicting opioid dependence from electronic health records with machine learning

Diagnosis Odds ratio p-value (Bonferroni-corrected)
Unspecified episodic mood disorder 11.779 1.03E-138
Dysthymic disorder 6.209 1.48E-114
Depressive disorder, not elsewhere classified 6.081 0
Personal history of noncompliance with medical treatment, presenting hazards to health 5.933 4.29E-107
Other unknown and unspecified cause of morbidity and mortality 4.896 2.69E-112
Accidents occurring in unspecified place 4.845 9.87E-110
Pain in limb 4.565 1.66E-112
Cough 4.54 9.00E-115
Lumbago 4.301 1.54E-110
Human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] disease 3.467 1.28E-136