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Table 1. Comparison of the diff(gν, Ri, Rj) between individuals Ri and Rj for SNP gν for different genotype combinations using GM (green, Eq. 4), AM (orange, Eq. 5), and Ti/Tv (blue, Eq. 8) for all combinations of genotypes and for the cases when the SNP is a transition or transversion

From: Transition-transversion encoding and genetic relationship metric in ReliefF feature selection improves pathway enrichment in GWAS

  1. The GM diff (green) treats homozygous differences (AA vs aa) the same as an allele difference (AA vs Aa) or (aa vs Aa). The AM diff (orange) is sensitive to allele differences between homozygotes (AA or aa) and heterozygotes (Aa). The TiTv diff (blue) is sensitive to allele differences but further distinguishes between transition and transversion allele changes, treating transition genotypes as more similar than the corresponding transversion genotypes