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Table 1 Human datasets related to cancer clinical data used in the experimental study

From: Pairwise gene GO-based measures for biclustering of high-dimensional expression data

Dataset Size Information about the experimental context of data
GDS3289 (971 ×104) A prostate cancer study of the disease progression from beginning epithelium
   to metastatic stage.
GDS2415 (1690 ×59) A breast carcinoma tumor study in patients with breast-conserving therapy.
GDS2918 (4587 ×20) A study of blood plasma from patients with colorectal cancer.
GDS3966 (10296 ×83) An analysis of melanoma samples in different stages of the disease.
GDS3139 (12270 ×29) A histological analysis of normal breast epithelia in patients with breast cancer.
GDS4794 (16925 ×65) A lung cancer study of small cells in initial stages of the disease.