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Table 5 Runtime results of PROTNN, FatCat and CE on the entire Protein Data Bank

From: ProtNN: fast and accurate protein 3D-structure classification in structural and topological space

Task Total runtime1 Runtime1/protein
Building graph models 23h:9m:57s 0.9s
Computation of attributes 5d:8h:12m:29s 4.9s
Classification 2h:55m:15s 0.1s
ProtNN (all) 6d:10h:17m:41s 5.9s
FatCat Forever2 1d:18h:31m:35s3
CE Forever2 1d:8h:37m:34s3
  1. 1The runtime is expressed in terms of days:hours:minutes:seconds
  2. 2The program did not finish running within two weeks
  3. 3The average runtime of randomly selected 100 proteins