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Table 1 Pedigree summary statistics and hierarchical affection status models

From: A significant risk locus on 19q13 for bipolar disorder identified using a combined genome-wide linkage and copy number variation analysis

Pedigree structure
 Families 46   
 Founders 147   
 Non-founders 219   
 Total number of individuals 366   
 Number of affected individuals 176   
 Number of BP-I individuals 168   
 Number of BP-II individuals 9   
 Number of SABP individuals 9   
 Number of RUDD individuals 12   
 Family size (average) 7.96   
 Generations (average) 2.74   
Number of affected relative pairs ASM1 ASM2 ASM3
 1 degree 224 183 200
 2 degree 106 99 91
 3 degree 33 27 34
 4 degree 6 8 10
 5 degree 4 3 3
 6 degree 2 2 2
Hierarchical affection status models (ASM)
 Very narrow affection status model (ASM1) BP-I and SABP
 Narrow affection status model (ASM2) BP-I and SABP and BP-II
 Broad affection status model (ASM3) BP-I and SABP and BP-II and RUDD
  1. The table displays the summary statistics for the 46 pedigrees under the three different affection status models (ASMs). BP-I: Bipolar type 1, BP-II: Bipolar type 2, SABP: Schizoaffective bipolar type, RUDD: Recurrent unipolar depressive disorder. Individuals with a diagnosis of bipolar spectrum disorders that only apply to a certain ASM were coded as “unknown” under the other ASMs