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Table 3 A list of Drug-ADE examples from SIDER dataset, in which drug names are coded in STICH ID and ADE names are coded in MedDRA

From: Mining severe drug-drug interaction adverse events using Semantic Web technologies: a case study

stitch_id1 stitch_id2 UMLS_con cept_id Drug_name side_effect_name MedDRA_conscept_type UMLS_concept_id MEDDRA_side_effect_name
−100003914 −39468 C0038454 Levobunolol cerebrovascular accident LLT C0038454 Cerebrovascular accident
−100003914 −39468 C0038454 Levobunolol cerebrovascular accident PT C0038454 Cerebrovascular accident
−100003914 −39468 C0015230 Levobunolol rash LLT C0038454 Rash
−100003914 −39468 C0015230 Levobunolol rash PT C0015230 Rash
−100003914 −39468 C0015230 Levobunolol rash PT C0015230 Dermatitis
−100003914 −39468 C0033377 Levobunolol ptosis LLT C0011603 Ptosis
−100003914 −39468 C0033377 Levobunolol ptosis PT C0033377 Eyelid ptosis
−100003914 −39468 C0033377 Levobunolol ptosis PT C0005745 Uterovaginal prolapse
−100003914 −39468 C0030554 Levobunolol paresthesia LLT C0156353 Paraesthesia
−100003914 −39468 C0030554 Levobunolol paresthesia PT C0030554 Paraesthesia
−100003914 −39468 C0006266 Levobunolol bronchospas LLT C0006266 Bronhospasm
−100003914 −39468 C0006266 Levobunolol bronchospas PT C0006266 Bronhospasm
−100003914 −39468 C1145670 Levobunolol respiratory failure LLT C1145670 Respiratory failure
−100003914 −39468 C1145670 Levobunolol respiratory failure PT C1145670 Respiratory failure
−100003914 −39468 C0027424 Levobunolol nasal congestion LLT C0027424 Nasal congestion
−100003914 −39468 C0027424 Levobunolol nasal congestion PT C0027424 Nasal congestion
−100003914 −39468 C0023380 Levobunolol lethargy LLT C0023380 Lethargy
−100003914 −39468 C0023380 Levobunolol lethargy PT C0023380 Lethargy
−100003914 −39468 C0947912 Levobunolol myasthenia LLT C0947912 Mysathenia
−100003914 −39468 C0947912 Levobunolol myasthenia PT C0151786 Muscular weakness