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Table 4 Enriched biological pathways assigned to vWF, HA, and AF by PHPN

From: The multiscale backbone of the human phenotype network based on biological pathways

Von Willebrand factor/ Atrial fibrillation (AF) pathways1 Hippocampal atrophy (HA)1
factor VIII pathways1    pathways
[5412] Arrhythmogenic right ventricular [1100] Metabolic pathways [4360] Axon guidance
[4662] B cell receptor signaling pathway [670] One carbon pool by folate [4623] Cytosolic DNA-sensing pathway
[4514] Cell adhesion molecules (CAMs)    [531] Glycosaminoglycan degradation
[4062] Chemokine signaling pathway    [4142] Lysosome
[4664] Fc epsilon RI signaling pathway    [1100] Metabolic pathways
[1100] Metabolic pathways    [510] N-Glycan biosynthesis
[4666] Fc gamma R-mediated phagocytosis    [4151] PI3K-Akt signaling pathway
[4510] Focal adhesion    [4141] Protein processing in endoplasmic reticulum
[4670] Leukocyte trans endothelial migration    [4530] Tight junction
[4650] Natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity     
[4810] Regulation of actin cytoskeleton     
[4660] T cell receptor signaling pathway     
[4742] Taste transduction     
  1. 1Pathways listed are identified enriched pathways for indicated phenotypes; numbers in square brackets indicate the Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) identifiers for specified pathways.
  2. 2Common biological pathway is indicated in bold.