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Table 1 Molecular characteristics of selected overexpression spots as obtained by HG- and GSZ-enrichment analysis a

From: Mining SOM expression portraits: feature selection and integrating concepts of molecular function

A Synaptic Transmission Cell-Cell Signaling
  Transmission of Nerve Impulse Neurological System Process
  Central Nervous System Development Synaptic Transmission
  Nervous System Development Transmission of Nerve Impulse
  Regulation of Action Potential Nervous System Development
B Muscle Development Striated Muscle Contraction
  Myoblast Differentiation System Process
  Regulation of Muscle Contraction  
  Regulation of Heart Contraction  
  Striated Muscle Contraction  
C1 Carboxylic Acid Metabolic Process Calcium Independent Cell-Cell Adhesion
  Organic Acid Metabolic Process Excretion
  Excretion Response to Steroid Hormone Stimulus
D Epidermis Development Tissue Development
  Ectodermis Development Epidermis Development
  Keratinocyte Differentiation Ectodermis Development
  Epithelial Cell Differentiation  
  Morphogenesis of an Epithelium  
F Regulation of Apoptosis Cellular Defense Response
  T-Cell Activation Defense Response
  Humoral Immune Resonse Immune System Process
  Immune System Process Immune Response
  Immune Response  
  Defense Response  
  1. a Gene sets enriched in both approaches are printed in bold letters.