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Table 1 Select Structured Data and Sample Case/Controls for models available in Columbia University Irving Medical Center Common Data Warehouse

From: Comparative analysis, applications, and interpretation of electronic health record-based stroke phenotyping methods

Variable Identification N Samples
Total Patients CUIMC CDW Person ID 6,377,222
Diagnosis Codes ICD9-CM, ICD10-CM, SNOMED 140,300,457
Procedure Codes ICD9-CM, ICD10-CM, CPT, SNOMED 64,383,775
Prescription Orders RxNorm 40,759,814
Training Categories: Cases
 (S) Cases: Stroke Service Patients Seen by NYP Stroke Service 4484
 (T) Cases: AIS Tirschwell Criteria ICD9-CM: 434.×1, 433.×1, ICD10-CM: 79,306
 (C) Cases: CCS Cerebrovascular Disease ICD9-CM: 346.6x,430, 431, 432.x, 433.xx 181,698
Training Categories: Controls
 (N) Controls: AIS Mimetic Diseases ICD9-CM: 191.x, 225.x, 340, 250.0, 431 8438
 (I) Controls: Without AIS Tirschwell Criteria No (T) Codes 5,243,646
 (C) Controls: Without CCS Cerebrovascular Disease No (C) Codes 5,149,975
 (CI) Controls: With CCS Cerebrovascular disease, w/o AIS Tirschwell Criteria (C) codes, No (T) codes 102,435
 (R) Random set of patients With > = 1 ICD9-CM or ICD10-CM diagnosis code 5,396,172
  1. NYP New York Presbyterian, AIS Acute Ischemic Stroke, CCS Clinical Classifications Software