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Table 2 Resources and related task completion summary as well as features, sorted alphabetically by resource name

From: Use case driven evaluation of open databases for pediatric cancer research

  ICGC Data Portal PeCan PedcBioPortal Pedican Xena Browser
Version info Data Release 27, 04.30.2018 2015-2018 Version 1.14.1, 2018 2015 03.13.2018
UC 1 Partly (2) Yes (13) Partly (3) Yes (49) Yes (3)
UC 2 Partly Partly Partly Partly Partly
UC 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
UC 4 Yes Yes Yes No No
UC 5 Yes No Yes No Yes
Subtype details Yes No Yes No No
Age filter Yes No Yes No Possible by phenotype filter
Survival data Yes No Yes No Possible by phenotype filter
Enrichment analysis Gene ontology, pathway targeting compounds Non-extractable pie charts only for cell cycle, epigenetics, development & signaling No Pathway, interactions Paradigm pathway activity
Alteration type filter Type, impact, significance Single-nucleotide variant, insertion/deletions, somatic variant, copy number variation Type of copy number alteration, listed gene mutation types Somatic, germline Somatic mutation assays
Other molecular information Gene expression, miRNA expression, protein expression, DNA methylation a.o. Missense, silent, frameshift, exon, nonsense, splice, proteindeletion, intron, untrans-lated region, fusion transcript Various molecular and phenotypic information Transcription factor, modifications Copy number, segments, DNA methylation, RNA sequencing on exon or gene expression
Cancer-related gene filter Yes (CGC) No (CGC only) Mutations noted as to cbioportal cancer genes with 1 or more mutations and all other genes with 2 or more mutations No No