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Table 1 Summary of pediatric cancer web resources, sorted alphabetically

From: Use case driven evaluation of open databases for pediatric cancer research

Toolname / Url Maintained by Databases included # samples
ICGC Data Portal OICR DKFZ/PCBA, TCGA/GDC, TARGET a.o. 4227 donors
PeCan St. Jude PCGP, DKFZ, TARGET a.o. 4469
PedcBioPortal CHOP PCGP, DKFZ, TARGET a.o. 3707
Pedican Min Zhao (USC) PubMed, PCGP, COSMIC a.o. literature only
Xena Browser UCSC PCGP, TCGA/GDC, TARGET, Treehouse a.o. Treehouse PED v8 with 11427 samples a.o.