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Table 3 Comparison of the log-rank tests between no SNP effect model and SNP effect model attributed by Cox UM-MDR and Cox-MDR

From: Unified Cox model based multifactor dimensionality reduction method for gene-gene interaction analysis of the survival phenotype

Model Covariates Log-rank test p-value
No SNP effect model Age, Sex 12.798 0.0003
SNP effect model
by Cox UM-MDR
Age, Sex, (rs747199, rs2847153)a 18.341 0.0000
Age, Sex, (rs1960207, rs1004474)a 20.672 0.0000
SNP effect model
by Cox-MDR
Age, Sex, (rs532545, rs2847153)a 8.976 0.0027
Age, Sex, (rs12404655, rs1004474)a 17.278 0.0000
  1. a denotes the model including two main effects of SNP1 and SNP2 and their interaction effect