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Table 4 Example of RNA sequencing matrix on breast cancer data

From: Combining DNA methylation and RNA sequencing data of cancer for supervised knowledge extraction

RNA sequencing GDA_rna SCN3A_rna SCN3B_rna Class
TCGA-A1-A0SD-01A-11R-A115-07 0.6 28.4 43.6 Normal
TCGA-A7-A4SD-01A-11R-A266-07 0.0 6.4 1.9 Tumoral
.. .. .. .. ..
TCGA-3C-AALK-01A-11R-A41B-07 0.0 5.3786 18.2044 Tumoral
  1. The columns represent genes, and the last shows the class. For each row, we consider the full TCGA identifier of the sample. The full identifiers is called TCGA aliquot and reports the type of the performed NGS experiment (RNA sequencing). The gene expression values are reported for all samples