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Table 16 The decision tree for full training set, obtained from the combined KIRP data matrix, with 338 correctly classified instances and 7 incorrectly classified instances

From: Combining DNA methylation and RNA sequencing data of cancer for supervised knowledge extraction

UMOD_rnaSeq ≤2370.6675
VMP1_dnaMeth ≤5.468451: tumoral (291.59/1.8)
VMP1_dnaMeth >5.468451: normal (19.23/2.11)
UMOD_rnaSeq >2370.6675: normal (34.18/0.1)
Number of Leaves: 3
Size of the tree: 5
  1. The two experiments are considered, then tumor and normal tissues are defined, both by RNA sequencing RSEM measures and DNA methylation beta values