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Table 14 Execution time of C4.5, RIPPER and Random Forest algorithms

From: Combining DNA methylation and RNA sequencing data of cancer for supervised knowledge extraction

Experiment Cancer C4.5_time RIPPER_time RandomForest_time
RNA sequencing BRCA 04m:07s 09m:09s 00m:48s
  THCA 01m:28s 02m:30s 00m:30s
  KIRP 00m:27s 00m:46s 00m:16s
DNA methylation BRCA 02m:53s 06m:10s 00m:37s
  THCA 01m:34s 03m:12s 00m:34s
  KIRP 00m:45s 01m:02s 00m:22s
Combined BRCA 06m:31s 10m:20s 6m:38s
  THCA 01m:58s 3m:35s 00m:28s
  KIRP 01m:10s 01m:45s 02m:55s