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Table 13 Timing of the CAMUR executions, number of iterations and execution mode

From: Combining DNA methylation and RNA sequencing data of cancer for supervised knowledge extraction

Experiment Cancer CAMUR_time Iterations Mode
RNA sequencing BRCA 14d:20h:59m:20s 60 Loose
  THCA 05d:04h:00m:51s 100 Loose
  KIRP 00d:00h:01m:22s 100 Loose
DNA methylation BRCA 29d:00h:21m:19s 44 Loose
  THCA 29d:00h:19m:52s 39 Loose
  KIRP 00d:00h:25m:51s 100 Loose
Combined BRCA 29d:20h:21m:25s 7 Loose
  THCA 07d:20h:53m:16s 100 Loose
  KIRP 00d:01h:34m:08s 100 Loose
  1. We specified different maximum number of iterations according to the computation time, 80% as minimum threshold value for the classification reliability, and loose as execution mode. It is worth noting that only 7 iterations in 29 days have been performed for the combined matrix of BRCA, because the extracted classification models are composed of a high number of genes