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Table 2 The time consumption of the function bwconncomp and the proposed method at several suggested parameters

From: A fast forward 3D connection algorithm for mitochondria and synapse segmentations from serial EM images

Mitochondria dataset Synapse dataset
bwconncomp 398s bwconncomp 1815s
Th=0.40,Tl=0.01 419s Th=0.26,Tl=0.01 240s
Th=0.38,Tl=0.01 400s Th=0.24,Tl=0.01 231s
Th=0.36,Tl=0.01 382s Th=0.22,Tl=0.01 219s
Th=0.34,Tl=0.01 364s Th=0.20,Tl=0.01 214s