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Table 4 The most significant GO terms in datasets

From: A multi-objective gene clustering algorithm guided by apriori biological knowledge with intensification and diversification strategies

Dataset Cluster Significant GO term p-value
Arabidopsis Cluster 1 Response to wounding(GO:0009611) 3.63E-16
   Cellular biogenic amine metabolic process(GO:0006576) 1.00E-14
   Cellular amine metabolic process(GO:0044106) 1.62E-14
  Cluster 2 Lipid catabolic process(GO:0016042) 1.91E-09
   Response to wounding(GO:0009611) 9.68E-09
   Phenylpropanoid metabolic process(GO:0009698) 7.61E-08
  Cluster 3 Response to organonitrogen compound(GO:0010243) 5.36E-11
   Response to chitin(GO:0010200) 9.51E-10
   Jasmonic acid mediated signaling pathway(GO:0009867) 3.03E-09
  Cluster 4 Jasmonic acid biosynthetic process(GO:0009695) 7.76E-04
   Jasmonic acid metabolic process(GO:0009694) 1.08E-03
   Lipid oxidation(GO:0034440) 1.35E-03
Cell cycle Cluster 1 Positive regulation of transport(GO:0051050) 1.84E-04
   Regulation of transport(GO:0051049) 2.93E-03
   Regulation of localization(GO:0032879) 3.39E-03
  Cluster 2 Cell cycle(GO:0007049) 8.13E-17
   Cell division(GO:0051301) 3.26E-16
   Cell cycle process(GO:0022402) 2.30E-14
  Cluster 3 Cell cycle phase(GO:0022403) 2.34E-10
   Mitotic interphase(GO:0051329) 2.71E-10
   Interphase(GO:0051325) 2.71E-10
  Cluster 4 DNA replication(GO:0006260) 1.24E-16
   DNA metabolic process(GO:0006259) 4.36E-16
   Cell cycle(GO:0007049) 1.29E-11
Sporulation Cluster 1 Glucose metabolic process(GO:0006006) 3.69E-08
   Carbohydrate metabolic process(GO:0005975) 1.04E-07
   Hexose metabolic process(GO:0019318) 2.49E-07
  Cluster 2 Oxoacid metabolic process(GO:0043436) 1.76E-05
   Organic acid metabolic process(GO:0006082) 1.80E-05
   Monocarboxylic acid transport(GO:0015718) 4.42E-05
  Cluster 3 Cell cycle process(GO:0022402) 2.76E-19
   Cell cycle(GO:0007049) 5.83E-19
   Anatomical formation in morphogenesis (GO:0048646) 6.88E-19
  Cluster 4 Translation(GO:0006412) 1.03E-28
   Ribosome biogenesis(GO:0042254) 1.84E-08
   Ribonucleoprotein complex biogenesis(GO:0022613) 6.70E-08
Serum Cluster 1 Mitotic recombination(GO:0006312) 1.55E-11
   G2/M transition of mitotic cell cycle(GO:0000086) 1.68E-09
   Chromosome segregation(GO:0007059) 1.74E-09
  Cluster 2 Cellular response to zinc ion(GO:0071294) 5.25E-08
   Striated muscle cell differentiation(GO:0051146) 5.98E-07
   Response to zinc ion(GO:0010043) 1.26E-06
  Cluster 3 Cholesterol metabolic process(GO:0008203) 7.46E-14
   Cholesterol biosynthetic process(GO:0006695) 1.39E-13
   Sterol biosynthetic process(GO:0016126) 2.95E-13
  Cluster 4 Multi-multicellular organism process(GO:0044706) 8.55E-16
   Regulation of smooth muscle cell proliferation(GO:0048660) 1.50E-14
   Smooth muscle cell proliferation(GO:0048659) 1.84E-14
  1. We consider p-values <0.01 across all tests to be totally against the null hypothesis and are remarkably significant. It means that most of the genes belonging to a cluster have the same biological function detailed in the GO term