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Table 15 TRI1 GO table of the MSL GDS4510 experiment

From: TRIQ: a new method to evaluate triclusters

GO:0007606 Sensory perception of chemical stimulus 1.68E-25
GO:0004984 Olfactory receptor activity 6.56E-19
GO:0050911 Detection of chemical stimulus involved in sensory perception of smell 6.56E-19
GO:0050907 Detection of chemical stimulus involved in sensory perception 2.97E-18
GO:0004930 G-protein coupled receptor activity 4.68E-17
GO:0007186 G-protein coupled receptor signaling pathway 4.68E-17
GO:0007608 Sensory perception of smell 6.93E-16
GO:0009593 Detection of chemical stimulus 1.16E-15
GO:0007600 Sensory perception 5.28E-15
GO:0050906 Detection of stimulus involved in sensory perception 8.32E-14
GO:0004872 Receptor activity 9.34E-14
GO:0060089 Molecular transducer activity 6.27E-13
GO:0004888 Transmembrane signaling receptor activity 8.08E-13
GO:0050877 Nervous system process 1.07E-12
GO:0099600 Transmembrane receptor activity 2.01E-12
GO:0038023 Signaling receptor activity 1.43E-11
GO:0004871 Signal transducer activity 2.69E-11
GO:0051606 Detection of stimulus 1.64E-10
GO:0003008 System process 1.09E-09
GO:0005549 Odorant binding 1.85E-08