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Table 7 The Steps for Translating Individual Criteria to a SWRL Rule

From: Developing a modular architecture for creation of rule-based clinical diagnostic criteria

The Steps and the Composed SWRL Rule  
Step 1: Insert the element “LDL-c” into DCDO as a subclass of the class “Laboratory Test, Result”.
Step 2: Insert the element “mg/dL” as an individual of the class “Unit”, and insert the element “ev1” as an individual of the class “Evidence”.
Step 3: The elements extracted from the templates are represented into the following 4 types of the SWRL atom:
(1) Class atom : Patient(?x), LDL-c(?y)
(2) Individual property atom: has_result_comparison(?x, ?y), has_unit(?y, mg/dL)
(3) Data valued property atom: has_value(?y, ?z)
(4) Built-in atom: lessThan(?z, 100)
(5) Data range atom: xsd:int(?z)
Step 4: Compose the atoms into a SWRL rule: Rule:Patient(?x),LDL-c(?y),has_result_comparison(?x, ?y),has_value(?y, ?z), int(?z),has_unit(?y, mg/dL),lessThan(?z, 100)- > has_evidence(?x,ev1)