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Table 3 Correlation of bin size and significance. Using the control weighting, the larger bins result in a higher chance of a false positive finding, showing a correlation between bin size and p-value. All other weighting strategies have false positive rates independent of bin size

From: A biologically informed method for detecting rare variant associations

  Logistic Wilcoxon
Beta (SE) p-value Beta (SE) p-value
Control −6.83e-3 (6.13e-4) 7.51e-29 −5.77e-3 (4.42e-4) 6.07e-39
Max 4.08e-5 (8.40e-5) 0.627 −4.75e-5 (8.39e-5) 0.572
Min 2.88e-5 (8.39e-5) 0.732 5.06e-5 (8.39e-5) 0.546
None −2.43e-5 (8.38e-5) 0.772 −3.15e-5 (8.38e-5) 0.707
Overall 3.64e-5 (8.38e-5) 0.664 2.05e-5 (8.38e-5) 0.806