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Table 3 IPA analysis identifies top canonical pathways and upstream regulators of the \( {\omega}_{mRNA}^{K_1/{k}_2} \) signature for liver cancer

From: Joint analysis of multiple high-dimensional data types using sparse matrix approximations of rank-1 with applications to ovarian and liver cancer

Top Canonical Pathways
Pathway P-Value Overlap
 FXR/RXR Activation 3.03E-60 48.8 % (62/127)
 LXR/RXR Activation 2.36E-37 37.2 % (45/121)
 LPS/IL1 Mediated Inhibition of RXR Function 5.89E-25 20.5 (45/219)
Top Upstream Regulators
Upstream Regulator P-Value of Overlap Predicted Activation
 HNF1A 2.02E-78 Inhibited
 PPARA 4.40E-46  
 HNF4A 4.20E-44 Inhibited
 FXR 1.95E-38  
 GW4064 1.85E-34 Inhibited
  1. The \( {\omega}_{mRNA}^{K_1/{k}_2} \) signature was highly enriched for genes in the FXR/RXR Activation pathway according to IPA. This pathway regulates lipid and bile acid metabolism and has been associated with the initiation and progression of liver cancer. The top upstream regulators of \( {\omega}_{mRNA}^{K_1/{k}_2} \) are the nuclear receptors HNF1A, HNF4A and FXR that are known regulators of membrane transport function and have also been associated with liver cancer