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Table 2 Top Upstream Regulators of mRNA signature \( {\gamma}_1 \) for ovarian cancer

From: Joint analysis of multiple high-dimensional data types using sparse matrix approximations of rank-1 with applications to ovarian and liver cancer

Upstream regulator Predicted state Activation score Intersection P-value Number of targets
IL4 Activated 2.115 2.115E-20 40
OSM Activated 2.616 2.41E-08 21
Stat5(A/B) Activated 2.630 6.50E-08 9
  1. IPA identified IL4 as the top upstream regulator of the \( {\boldsymbol{\gamma}}_1 \) signature that directly targeted 40 genes in the signature (Score=2.115, p=2.115E-20). These 40 genes formed a mRNA signature, φ (40)IL4 , that was “anchored” upstream by IL4 with expression patterns that implied the up-regulation of this gene. Subsequent eigen-survival analysis shows that the φ (40)IL4 signature was robustly associated with overall survival on the 291-sample discovery data set and a 99-sample independent test data set. Regulation of φ (40)IL4 by IL4 linked overall survival of ovarian cancer patients with stage 3 disease to macrophage polarization in the tumor environment