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Table 2 Common protein set between Asthma and COPD, TB and EHTN, respectively, based on data from Kaneko et al. 2013 review [23] and the DisGeNET database [20]

From: Representing and querying disease networks using graph databases

Alter disease Uniprot id set (Kaneko) Uniprot id set (Disgenet)
Hypertension, Essential [P29474, P04040, P12821, P07550, P30711] [P35228]
Pulmonary Dis- Ease, Chronic Obstructive [P01375, O00206, P01137, P35225, P01584, P29474, Q9BZ11, P07550, P12821, P09211, Q96QV1, P09488, P16410, P05305] [P35228, P09601, P01137, P14780, P01375]
Tuberculosis, Pulmonary [P01579, P01920, P01911, P01584, P22301, P29460, P05112, P13501, P11473, P01375, O60603, Q9NR96] [P13500]