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Table 1 Overall occurrences and types of nodes and relationships included in the graph database

From: Representing and querying disease networks using graph databases

(a) Occurrences of node types
Node type Occurrences
Protein 20762
Disease 4745
Pathway 1288
Tissue 32
Drug 1602
GEO Comparison_test 9
GEO Study 3
(b) Types and occurrences of relationships
Node type Edge type Node type Occurrences
Protein BIOMARKER Disease 17216
Protein THERAPEUTIC Disease 1209
Protein GENETIC_VARIATION Disease 2612
Protein KANEKO_ASSOCIATED Disease 251
Protein IN_PATHWAY Pathway 26085
Protein PPI_ASSOCIATION Protein 66678
Protein PPI_COLOCALIZATION Protein 1162
Protein SEQ_SIM Protein 92089
Protein TISSUE_ENHANCED Tissue 4434
Protein DRUG_TARGET Drug 6429
Protein DRUG_ENZYME Drug 3204
Protein DRUG_TRANSPORTER Drug 1529
Protein DRUG_CARRIER Drug 222
GEO Comparison_test PART_OF GEO Study 9
Protein DEG_RELATED_TO GEO Comparison_test 87849