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Table 1 Top five GO BP term/publication enrichments reported by YeastMine [22] in genes identified by either PCA based unsupervised FE or cyclebase

From: Principal component analysis based unsupervised feature extraction applied to budding yeast temporally periodic gene expression

PCA based unsupervised FE Cyclebase
GO BP Term p-Value # GO BP Term p-Value #
Cell cycle [GO:0007049] 5.32E-10 24 Chromosome organization [GO:0051276] 1.13E-8 20
Cell cycle process [GO:0022402] 3.08E-8 21 Telomere maintenance via recombination [GO:0000722] 3.34E-8 8
Mitotic cell cycle [GO:0000278] 4.45E-8 17 DNA metabolic process [GO:0006259] 3.50E-8 19
Mitotic cell cycle process [GO:1903047] 2.23E-7 16 Telomere maintenance [GO:0000723] 2.07E-6 9
Cell division [GO:0051301] 1.02E-6 15 Anatomical structure homeostasis [GO:0060249] 2.07E-6 9
Publication PMID p-Value # Publication PMID p-Value #
Clustering time-varying gene expression profiles using scale-space signals Genome-wide array-CGH analysis reveals YRF1 gene copy number variation that modulates genetic stability in distillery yeasts
  [16452778] 9.74E-24 20   [26384347] 2.80E-12 7
Serial regulation of transcriptional regulators in the yeast cell cycle Transcriptional effects of the potent enediyne anti-cancer agent Calicheamicin gamma(I)(1)
  [11572776] 6.14E-17 16   [11880039] 1.11E-11 7
Identification of a core set of signature cell cycle genes whose relative order of time to peak expression is conserved across species Linking DNA replication checkpoint to MBF cell-cycle transcription reveals a distinct class of G1/S genes
  [22135306] 6.34E-12 10   [22333912] 2.32E-11 11
Identification of sparsely distributed clusters of cis-regulatory elements in sets of co-expressed genes Mcm1p-induced DNA bending regulates the formation of ternary transcription factor complexes
  [15155858] 3.71E-10 9   [12509445] 2.35E-11 8
Computational reconstruction of transcriptional regulatory modules of the yeast cell cycle A genetic screen for yeast genes induced by sustained osmotic stress
  [17010188] 4.17E-10 12   [12868060] 1.82E-10 7
  1. #: number of genes associated with GO BP terms or mentioned in the publications. PMID: PubMed ID