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Table 1 Glaucoma benchmark and non-benchmark genes used in building the network

From: Building a glaucoma interaction network using a text mining approach

Abbreviation Definition Number Percent
BO Benchmark glaucoma genes from OMIM database queried with “Glaucoma” 155 51 %
BD Benchmark glaucoma genes from DisGeNET database queried with “Glaucoma” 180 59 %
BC Benchmark glaucoma genes from the intersection of OMIM and DisGeNET databases 30 (BO∩BD) 10 %
BG Benchmark glaucoma genes from union of BO and BD 305 (BOBD) 100 %
NBG Non-benchmark genes from PubMed Central 150 N/A
  1. For simplicity, benchmark genes used to build the interaction network are abbreviated as BG. If BG are obtained from OMIM, then we call them BO. If BG are obtained from DisGeNET, then we call them BD. Benchmark genes, common to OMIM and DisGeNET, are called BC. Genes that are not benchmark genes are called NBG. The definition, number and percentages of all benchmark genes are listed in columns 2 to 4