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Table 4 Shown here are the five SNPs with the highest degree, betweenness centrality and closeness centrality scores respectively, amongst all SNPs in the largest connected component of the Statistical Epistasis Network

From: Characterizing gene-gene interactions in a statistical epistasis network of twelve candidate genes for obesity

SNP Gene Degree
 rs4358154  TMEM18  22
 rs285690  KCTD15  18
 rs3817334  MTCH2  17
 rs529579  KCTD15  17
 rs4650977  SEC16B  17
SNP Gene Betweenness Centrality
 rs4358154  TMEM18  0.08366177
 rs4650977  SEC16B  0.06191228
 rs2278260  KCTD15  0.05311856
 rs529579  KCTD15  0.05173649
 rs10742817  MTCH2  0.05150078
SNP Gene Closeness Centrality
 rs4358154  TMEM18  0.29611041
 rs3817334  MTCH2  0.29598662
 rs2278260  KCTD15  0.29377593
 rs17066403  MC4R  0.29304636
 rs529579  KCTD15  0.29256198
  1. The corresponding gene for each SNP is also shown