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Table 2 Shown are the five SNP-SNP interactions with the highest information gain values for BMI within the Statistical Epistasis Network at the percolation threshold

From: Characterizing gene-gene interactions in a statistical epistasis network of twelve candidate genes for obesity

Interaction SNP1 Gene1 SNP2 Gene2 Information Gain Permuted P-value
rs2867133,rs9878325 rs2867133 TMEM18 rs9878325 ETV5 0.0473789 <0.001
rs7110708,rs8105874 rs7110708 BDNF rs8105874 KCTD15 0.043324175 <0.001
rs17360705,rs1673518 rs17360705 SEC16B rs1673518 MC4R 0.042418682 <0.001
rs10798574,rs2245826 rs10798574 SEC16B rs2245826 BDNF 0.03917757 <0.001
rs8179316,rs1316803 rs8179316 NEGR1 rs1316803 TMEM18 0.038534544 <0.001
  1. The corresponding gene for each SNP is also shown. SNP-SNP interactions are measured using information gain [IG(A;B;C)]. P-values were calculated from a 1000 permutations