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Table 1 Mutual information values for five SNPs with the strongest main effects associated with BMI within the Statistical Epistasis Network at the percolation threshold

From: Characterizing gene-gene interactions in a statistical epistasis network of twelve candidate genes for obesity

SNP Gene Mutual Information Permuted P-value
rs17066891 MC4R 0.020138781 <0.001
rs9940128 FTO 0.01695201 0.001
rs1866510 GNPDA2 0.017895503 0.002
rs9949577 MC4R 0.014867522 0.002
rs12696555 ETV5 0.013757477 0.004
  1. The corresponding gene for each SNP is also shown. Main effect strengths are measured using mutual information [I(A;C)]. P-values were calculated from a 1000 permutations