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Table 1 Summary of lncRNA/lincRNA databases

From: Non-coding yet non-trivial: a review on the computational genomics of lincRNAs

Project Name Species Purpose
Human Body Map Human A reference set of lincRNAs
ChIPBase Various (incl. Human and Mouse) A resource for lncRNA transcriptional regulation and expression profiles of ncRNA (lncRNA, microRNAs, etc.)
NONCODE Various (incl. Human and Mouse) A large lncRNA database integrating various databases and references
lncRNAdb Various (incl. Human and Mouse) A database of lncRNAs having biological function or regulatory roles
ncRNA expression database (NRED) Human and Mouse Expression database for human and mouse lncRNAs
LNCipedia Various (incl. Human and Mouse) A large database of lncRNA transcripts and annotation
LncRNADisease Human A database of lncRNAs associated with human diseases
DIANA-LncBase Human and Mouse A database of experimentally verified and predicted microRNA targets on lncRNAs
lncRNA2Target Human and Mouse A collection of lncRNA knockout experiments and downstream regulation
starBase 2.0 Human, Mouse and C. elegans A collection of lncRNA and predicted microRNA targets; lncRNA expression profiles from TCGA data
lncRNAMap Human A resource for exploring lncRNA expression profiles and interaction with small RNAs (siRNA, microRNAs, etc.)
lncRNAWiki Human An open wiki style lncRNA database
MONOCLdb Mouse A mouse noncoding database detailing functional enrichment of lncRNA in response to respiratory disease caused by influenza and SARS-CoV
lncRNome Human A searchable database for long noncoding RNAs in humans and various properties, such as predicted structure, SNPs and epigenetic modifications
PLncDB Arabidopsis thaliana A database dedicated to A. thaliana plant lncRNA transcriptome, including information on epigenetic modification
Functional lncRNA Database Human, Mouse and Rat A database of experimentally validated functional lncRNAs
lnCeDB Human A database of lncRNA acting as ceRNA
Linc2GO Human A database of lncRNA acting as ceRNA and biological processes based on GO annotation
lncRNASNP Human and Mouse A database cataloging micro-RNA interactions and SNPs in lncRNAs and their impact on secondary structure