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Table 3 Processing time statistics of some utilities in BDE

From: BioDB extractor: customized data extraction system for commonly used bioinformatics databases

Database Type of input data: (Number of IDs) Size of data being parsed (Mb) Utility Time (seconds)a
EMBL-ENA Genes: 250 12.4 Basic Fields Search (All Fields are selected) 80
Advanced Feature Table Search 95
Genomes: 100 (Viral & bacterial) 137 Basic Fields Search (All Fields are selected) 120
UniprotKB Proteins: 250 2 Advanced Feature Table Search 30
Proteins: 250 2 Topic-wise Comments Extractor 30
PDB Structures: 250 200 Chain_Finder & Seq_Extractor 120
Structures: 250 200 PDB to GO Mapping 100
KEGG Organisms: 10 - Customized searches for Pathway data (GENE) 45
DrugBank Drugs: 250 14 Basic Fields Search (All Fields are selected) 70
  1. a:This column lists the durations required for the processing of each query, beginning with input of ID list to the server, up to the display of results on the user interface