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Table 2 KEGG Utilities

From: BioDB extractor: customized data extraction system for commonly used bioinformatics databases

Data type Utilities available for data search and extraction
Pathway Get Genes by Pathway
Get Diseases by Pathway
Get Drugs by Pathway
Get Compounds by Pathway
Get KO pathway
Get Module by pathway
Enzyme Get systematic name of the enzyme
Get class of enzyme
Get reaction/s by enzyme
Get pathway by enzyme
Get genes by enzyme
Reaction Get the definition of Reaction/s
Get the Equation of Reaction/s
Get the Enzyme/s by Reaction
Get pathway by Reaction
Disease Get the category of disease
Get pathways by disease
Get genes by disease
Get Environmental factors responsible for Disease
Get markers of Disease
Get list of drug used for treatment of disease
Drug Get Formula of drug
Get Exact mass of drug
Get Molecular weight of drug
Get principle activity of drugs
Get Source of drug
Get target of drug