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Table 4 Attributes available for analysis

From: Mining causal relationships among clinical variables for cancer diagnosis based on Bayesian analysis

Attribute Type Explanation Corresponding
    symbol in
    Figures 6, 7, 8
Race/ethnicity Categorical 22 races X 0
Sex Binary Female/male X 1
Age-at-diagnosis Numeric Years X 2
Primary-Site Categorical Eleven sites X 3
Histologic-Type-ICD-O-3 Categorical International Prediction of Diseases for Oncology Third Revision X 4
Grade Categorical Tumor grade X 5
EOD-Tumor-Size Numeric Size of primary tumor X 6
EOD-Extension Categorical Invasive extension of primary tumor X 7
EOD-Lymph-Node-Involve Categorical Extension of lymph node involvement X 8
Regional-Nodes-Positive Numeric No. of positive regional lymph nodes X 9
Regional-Nodes-Examined Numeric No. of regional lymph nodes examined X 10
Rx-Summ-Surg-Prim-Site Categorical Extension of surgery X 11
Rx-Summ-Sur-Oth-Reg/Dis Categorical Surgery of other regional site(s), distant site(s), or distant lymph node(s) X 12
Rx-Summ-Surg-/-Rad-Seq Categorical Prior to/after surgery/both X 13
CS-Schema-v0203 Categorical CS information collected based on site and histology X 14
SEER-historic-stage-A Categorical A stage system coded by SEER X 15
SEER-Summary-Stage-1977 Categorical A stage system coded by SEER X 16
Number-of-primaries Numeric Number of primaries X 17
First-malignant-primary-indicator Binary Yes/no X 18
Class Categorical SEER cause-specific death prediction C