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Table 2 PhenoGram input file formatting parameters

From: Visualizing genomic information across chromosomes with PhenoGram

Recognized column header Required Description
CHR Yes Chromosome number
POS Yes Base-pair location of the SNP or starting location of a base-pair to base-pair region
PHENOTYPE No Name of the phenotype; required only when plotting phenotypes as colored shapes
END No Ending location of a base-pair to base-pair region
NOTE (or ANNOTATION) No Values in this column are shown on the plot position to the right of the chromosome; limited to 10 characters
ETHNICITY (or ANCESTRY) No Specifies ethnicity or ancestry for the associated position; accepts up to three unique values in this column
GROUP No Specifies a group identifier such that all phenotypes of the same identifier share a common color
POSCOLOR No Shades transverse lines on the line plot with a color; specified by an integer 0-7
  1. The file must be tab delimited. PhenoGram will ignore any unrecognized headers.