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Table 4 List of 34 SNPs from 18 candidate genes in the folate pathway

From: Risk score modeling of multiple gene to gene interactions using aggregated-multifactor dimensionality reduction

Gene RS# Gene RS#
ABCG2 rs7699188 GGH rs3758149
  −15846A>C   rs11545078
  rs35252139 ITPA rs2295553
  rs35229708 MTHFD1 rs2236225
  rs55930652 MTHFD2 5nt ins/16nt del
ADORA2a rs2298383   rs56168672
  rs3761422   rs12196
  rs2267076 MTHFR rs1801133
  rs2236624   rs1801131
ATIC rs2372536   rs2274976
  rs12995526 MTR rs1805087
  rs4673990 MTRR rs1801394
BHMT rs3733890 SHMT-1 rs1979277
DHFR 19 bp deletion SLC25A32 rs17803441
  rs7387 SLCO1B1 Rs4149056
GART rs8971 SLC19A1 rs1051266
TSER rs34743033 TYMS rs11280056