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Table 3 GO-overrepresented gene sets in SOM-spots of highly populated housekeeping metagenes

From: Mining SOM expression portraits: feature selection and integrating concepts of molecular function

Spota # of genes Top overrepresented gene sets
h1 333 Cytoplasm, enzyme regulator activity, vesicle mediated transport, establishment of localization
h2 74 Cytoplasm, oxidoreductase activity, actin binding, endoplasmic reticulum, cytosol
h3 418 Cytoplasm, macromolecular complex, nucleus, protein metabolic process, protein complex
h4 89 Oxidoreductase activity, cytoplasm, mitochondrion, envelope, organelle
h5 91 Cytoplasm, Golgi apparatus, cofactor catabolic process, lipid binding, microsome
h6 101 Protein complex, macromolecular complex, cytoplasm, protein catabolic process
h7 775 Biopolymer metabolic process, biosynthetic process, nucleic acid, RNA processing
h8 50 Protein metabolic process, endosome, cellular metabolic process, phosphatase activity
h9 176 Nucleus, biopolymer metabolic process, nucleic acid / RNA metabolic process
h10 253 Biopolymer metabolic process, mRNA metabolic process, RNA processing, nucleus
h11 118 Cytoplasm, proteasome complex, cellular protein metabolic process, protein metabolic process
  1. a spots are defined in Figure 12e.