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Table 2 Special gene sets

From: Mining SOM expression portraits: feature selection and integrating concepts of molecular function

  Gene seta Selection criterion # of genes Top three overrepresented GO-setsb
a Highly expressed Top ranked expression in the global overexpression list 2,227 (10%) Cation homeostasis, chemical homeostasis, multicellular organism development
b Highly ranked Top ranked in the global rank product list c 2,227 (10%) Anatomical structure morphogenesis, axiogenesis, cell migration
c Inactive (consistently not or weakly expressed) Member of the N-range of the hook curve, absent in all tissues 688 Receptor activity, signal transduction, plasma membrane
d   Present call parameter pc = 0 in all tissues 1,156 Receptor-protein signaling pathway, neurological system process, signal transduction
e Housekeepers (consistently expressed) Not member of the N-range of the hook curve, present in all tissues 3,561 Anti-apoptosis, apoptosis, cell development, RNA processing, DNA/RNA binding, DNA metabolic process, metabolic process, transcription, translation d… .
f   Present call parameter pc = 1 in all tissues 3,167 see e
g   Top ranked in mean expression list averaged over all tissues 2,227 (10%) Macromolecular complex assembly, nucleic acid metabolic process, regulation of cellular metabolic process
h   Taken from ref. [31], criterion analogous to g 852 Cellular macromolecule metabolic process, cellular protein metabolic process, protein metabolic process
  1. a gene lists are given in Additional file 5.
  2. b HG-enrichment, lists are given in Additional file 5.
  3. c details are given in Additional file 1.
  4. d about 150 gene sets (see Additional file 5 and Table 2).