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Table 3 Summary of representative tree visualization tools and categories, as they are described inthe main text of the article.

From: A reference guide for tree analysis and visualization

  Popular Phylogenetic Tree Viewers Applicable to Generic Use
Tool Availability File Format(s) Export Data Set Size Layouts
Dendroscope Free for Academic Use Newick, Nexus and NHX .eps, .svg, .png, .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .pdf. large rectangular, slanted, circular and radial
iTOL Online version Free Newick and Nexus .svg, .png, .eps, or .pdf mid-size rectangular and circular-ring
HyperTree Free for non-commercial Use PHYLIP file format PHYLIP file format large hyperbolic view
NJPlot Free Newick .pdf and .eps small rectangular
HyperGeny Free for Academic Use Newick Newick large hyperbolic view
CTree Free Newick .pdf large rectangular and unrooted
Phylowidget Free Newick, NHX and Nexus .jpeg, .pdf and .png large rectangular, diagonal, circular and unrooted
BAOBAB Free Newick, Nexus and XML Newick, XML and Pag large rectangular and unrooted
TreeIllustrator Free Newick .eps, .jpeg large rectangular, radial and slanted cladograms
  1. The table is organized neither with purpose to compare nor in manner adequate for the scope of an absolute evaluation. All tools display different interactivity and tree manipulation functionalities making each one suitable to alternative case studies. In addition, generic use, i.e. not only phylogenetic related, may apply, an issue that depends on the content of the data incorporated by a user in the acceptable per tool input file formats and tree management possibilities.