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Table 2 Contingency table underlying the guilt-by-association algorithm

From: Mining tissue specificity, gene connectivity and disease association to reveal a set of genes that modify the action of disease causing genes

Disease Associated? Number of Connections % Disease-associated genes among interactors
   ≤ 75 > 75
Yes ≤ 12 3,112 1,907
  > 12 481 651
No ≤ 12 7,853 705
  > 12 229 112
  1. Number of disease- and non-disease-associated genes by thresholds on number of connections and percentage of disease-associated genes among interactors. The thresholds are obtained from exploring disease-associated genes and correspond to the average number of connections (12) among disease-associated genes and the average proportion of disease-associated genes (75%) among their interactors. The 112 non-disease-associated genes (bottom right cell) form the basis of the newly reported disease-associated genes [see Additional file 2].