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Figure 6

From: Clustering-based approaches to SAGE data mining

Figure 6

PGSOM-based data analysis for mouse retinal SAGE data. (a) A representative output map. (b) The submap is a higher-resolution map for Branch A1. (c) to (g) The median plots of expression patterns represented by Branches A1, A2, B1, B2, A11 and A12 respectively. Ten SAGE libraries are plotted on the x-axis, and relative expression abundance over 14 libraries is shown on the y-axis. The numbers shown on the x-axis represent 14 SAGE libraries, i.e., 1→3t3; 2→hypo; 3→E12.5; 4→E14.5; 5→E16.5; 5→E18.5; 7→P0.5; 8→P2.5; 9→P4.5; 10→P6.5; 11→P10.5Crx-/-; 12→P10.5Crx+/+; 13→Adult; 14→ONL. The total numbers of tags that fall into each branch along with the distribution of PR-enriched and non-PR-enriched tags over branches are shown on graphs (c) to (f).

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