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Table 6 Additional hypotheses tested based on GeneGo modelling

From: Modeling gene-by-environment interaction in comorbid depression with alcohol use disorders via an integrated bioinformatics approach

Short form, PubMed Queries # PubMed Citations
depression AND CBS 1
ethanol AND CBS 2
depression AND ethanol AND CBS 0
depression AND BHMT 0
ethanol AND BHMT 6
depression AND ethanol AND BHMT 0
depression AND SHMT 0
ethanol AND SHMT 0
depression AND ethanol AND SHMT 0
depression AND MTR 1
ethanol AND MTR 17
depression AND ethanol AND MTR 0
depression AND folate 133
ethanol AND folate 237
depression AND ethanol AND folate 0
depression AND p53 0
ethanol AND p53 43
depression AND ethanol AND p53 0
depression AND HNF4a 0
ethanol AND HNF4a 0
depression AND ethanol AND HNF4a 0
  1. Based on GeneGo modelling, additional candidate genes were tested for association with depression, AUD, and the comorbidity on 9 December, 2007. As in Table 2, queries were qualified by Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) annotation to minimize spurious associations. The actual queries, including MeSH qualification, are provided as Additional Materials (Tables_2_and_6_Detailed.xls). Column 1 has a short form of the query and column 2 shows the number of citations that meet the query criteria.