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Table 4 Significant biomedical keywords identified by PDG-ACE across the TNF/MTHFR gene pair, and relevance to depression with AUD

From: Modeling gene-by-environment interaction in comorbid depression with alcohol use disorders via an integrated bioinformatics approach

Keyword # PubMed citations for query:
Ethanol 263
Consumption 29
Background 12
Intake 10
Child 9
Mortality 6
Transplant 2
Mineral 1
Hemodialysis 0
Abdominal 0
Carotid 0
Wall 0
Preoperative 0
Lumbar 0
kidney transplantation 0
Spine 0
Homozygote 0
Mediterranean 0
hormone replacement therapy 0
p53 gene 0
Sickle 0
  1. Each keyword derived from the PDG-ACE analysis (column 1) was queried against the PubMed database via the query: ("Depressive Disorder" [Mesh] OR "Depression" [Mesh] OR "Depressive Disorder, Major" [Mesh]) AND ("Ethanol" [Mesh] OR "Alcohol-Induced Disorders, Nervous System" [Mesh]) AND Keyword. Citation counts are used as an indication of the keyword's relevance in comorbid depression with AUD.