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Table 2 PubMed queries and citation counts

From: Modeling gene-by-environment interaction in comorbid depression with alcohol use disorders via an integrated bioinformatics approach

Short form, PubMed Queries PubMed Citation Count
depression AND ethanol 263
depression AND MTHFR 12
ethanol AND MTHFR 5
depression AND ethanol AND MTHFR 0
depression AND TNF 92
ethanol AND TNF 321
depression AND ethanol AND TNF 1
depression AND NFkB 2
ethanol AND NFkB 185
depression AND ethanol AND NFkB 0
depression AND TNFR 19
ethanol AND TNFR 44
depression AND ethanol AND TNFR 0
depression and APOE 91
ethanol and APOE 42
depression AND ethanol AND APOE 0
  1. PubMed queries were used to search for evidence consistent with various hypotheses on 9 December, 2007. Queries were qualified by Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) annotation to minimize spurious associations. The actual queries, including MeSH qualifications, are provided as Additional file 1. Column 1 has a short form of the query and column 2 shows the number of citations that meet the query criteria.